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Heating & cooling

We have a great range of heating and cooling solutions for your home or business. Whether you are after a single heat-pump unit, infrared ceiling or wall mounted heaters, outdoor heating solutions or a full hydronic radiator or gas-ducted central heating systems - we are here to help.

Hydronic Central Heating

The innovation and advances we’ve seen in the hydronic heating space over the past few decades have resulted in more and more Kiwis choosing this form of incredibly efficient, cost-effective and comfortable heating to warm their homes today.

Hot water, which can carry up to 4 times as much heat as air, becomes the source of your heat - either via radiator panels on walls throughout or from under-floor looped pipes installed within the concrete slab (for new builds) acting as a radiator itself.

Some of the unique benefits of this form of central heating include:

  • A completely silent way to heat your home or business
  • Not nearly as drying as warm-air heating systems
  • Creates a far more even temperature throughout
  • No allergens or dust created - a huge bonus for family members with allergies.

Gas Ducted Central Heating & Cooling

This is another very effective, almost instantaneous way to heat your entire home distributing warm air throughout via a network of duct units strategically positioned in the floors or ceilings.

This system of heating offers great features such as:

  • Instant heat to your whole house
  • Ability to control the temperatures in various zones independently
  • Circulation of air creating cleaner healthier air and less condensation
  • A very discreet system with no large units for distribution of heat