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Switchboard upgrade

The switchboard is the central hub for your entire electrical network. If you have an old switchboard that has not been maintained or isn’t functioning properly, this puts your home and your family at serious risk.


Faulty switchboards and wiring were responsible for over 32 out of the 100 most destructive house fires in NZ from 2012 - 2016 and account for 20% of all house fires, more than any other single cause.

Your switchboard safeguards against faults in your home’s electrical system. When a fault occurs, circuit breakers will trip immediately cutting electricity to the faulty wiring. In a badly maintained or faulty switchboard, breakers may not trip and electricity can continue to flow causing deadly electric shocks or aggressive fires. Even the switchboard itself can reach such high temperatures that it too can ignite.

If your house is decades old and hasn’t had a switchboard upgrade, you are automatically at much greater risk.

If you think this could be you, have one of our electricians review the current state of your switchboard and wiring to see if you and your family are safe.

find out if your switchboard is safe?

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