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​Solar power makes complete sense when it comes to a commercial setting - where most of your building’s power demands are during the day and roof space for panels is in abundance.

Why not utilise the free and infinite fuel that is the sun's energy to power your business.

Increase your energy independence while power prices continue to steadily rise and power outages become ever more frequent resulting in huge loss of productivity.

Not only does it make commercial sense, by seriously reducing your running costs, you’ll see a very meaningful return on investment.

As well as making financial sense, you will also be substantially reducing your carbon footprint by running your business on clean, green, sustainable energy - something every business must take responsibility for.

After performing a thorough site inspection and energy assessment on your building, our experienced team of engineers and solar specialists will design a suitable system tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Financing for commercial solar

We have some great financing options available specifically for commercial solar

  • no capital outlay
  • payment plans of up to 10 years
  • possibility of being cashflow positive from day one

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