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Off grid solar

There are certain situations that make complete sense when it comes to off grid solar i.e. where there's no existing access to the grid. It's also a great option if you simply want the complete freedom of being totally energy independent.

Going off grid in a rural or remote setting

If you are in a remote or rural setting, not connected to the electricity network, then off grid solar will probably be the most cost-effective and suitable option for you.

Running a cable back to the network, at the street, can cost around $1,000 per metre. After this substantial outlay, you’ll still be hit with your monthly power bill while continuing to fall victim to rising power prices and ever-increasing power outages!

With off grid solar, once your system and storage is in place, you’ll never see a power bill ever again.

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Be truly energy independent

There are more and more customers choosing to go off grid simply to gain complete energy independence - no longer being held ransom to the power companies ever rising prices and reducing their impact on the environment by powering their lives on clean, green, sustainable energy.

Off Grid Island Life

If you are lucky enough to own a place on one of our island paradises in the Hauraki Gulf - Rakino, Great Barrier or Waiheke - we have the experience and expertise get you up and running with off grid solar and energy storage so you can sit back, relax and enjoy island life!

View some of our off-grid jobs in PROJECTS & NEWS!

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