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Solar & Agriculture

Agriculture has undeniably been the backbone of NZ’s economy for a very long time. There are many challenges farmers face including the need to remain competitive with systems and solutions that continually increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations while reducing their carbon footprint.


We have been providing solar solutions to Dairy Farmers helping to reduce their running costs by up to 70%. The applications of solar power in this setting are vast.

Most obviously, solar can significantly reduce the high running costs of your farm's milking sheds. Other applications include the running of milk cooling and storing systems, hot water cylinders, irrigation pumps, electric fences and more. Solar can also power your own home as well as accommodation for your farm workers.

You can start to see the potential solar cold have to positively impact your productivity and profitability by significantly reducing the running costs of your entire farm.

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Vineyards are among the highest energy users in the food industries. The subject of sustainability is becoming increasingly important for wine producers, particularly as a means of improving the economic viability of wine production as well as their green credentials.

Solar power can help significantly reduce any vineyard’s running costs by helping power:

  • Water pumps / irrigation
  • Refrigerations systems
  • Tanks and lines
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation.
  • Motors, drives, presses, pumps, bottling, compressed air etc.
  • Remote electricity supply where there is no grid power - a fraction of the cost of connecting grid power
  • All your other general electrical needs.

Even if you’re are not making or bottling etc onsite, your main power consumer will be your irrigation systems which will peak in summer when solar output is at a solar makes complete sense!

Consumers are also becoming increasingly conscious of how producers operate with sustainable and eco wines becoming more and more sought after.


Solar power is a great solution for large scale growers. Solar can help reduce running costs, especially where irrigation (your main power consumer) and cool stores are concerned. Solar can also help power the general electrical needs of your facilities and buildings.

Find out how much solar power could reduce your running costs today!


Find out how solar can impact your Agri Business today!

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