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Solar Energy is Smarter Energy

Save money, gain security and be part of the move towards a brighter and more sustainable future!

​Financial benefits

Kiwis have seen some of the most dramatic power price rises in the entire world over the past 20 years.

Going Solar can protect you and your family from increasing power prices, and as soon as your system is turned on you will start saving with Solar.

Once your Solar system is in place, the sun's energy will help to power your home, the best part - the sun's energy is free!

When you've achieved full payback on your system, you will continue to see month-on-month savings with Solar.

Add a battery to see even greater savings. FIND OUT MORE

​Invest in the environment

We are extremely lucky to be living somewhere like New Zealand. We have some of the most diverse and fragile ecosystems found anywhere in the world, and we need to protect them.

By choosing Solar Energy as your primary power source, you are having a direct positive impact on the world around you - and the world your children will inherit.

When you include the fact that you will save money in the long run by switching to Solar energy - there has never been a better time to go Solar!

We are still omitting 4 billion kilograms of C02 into the atmosphere as a result of electricity generation here in NZ.

Secure your future

When you go Solar you are taking the power out of the hands of the power companies and putting it back into the hands of you and your family.

Switching to Solar Energy will ensure you are protecting yourself now and in the future.

To take your power independence even further, you can invest in a Solar Battery. We have the tools in place to be able to size and fit the perfect battery based on real-world data, no half measures or second-guessing. A battery will store any unused Solar Energy for you to utilise when the sun is not shining.



One of our knowledgeable solar specialists will be in touch to talk you through your potential savings and payback periods based on your personal power profile...

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Lightforce were great. They answered all of my questions to help make the decision to go solar. Installation was quick and effective. Since we’ve been up and running I have seen a drop in the bills and it’s always nice to see a credit for what we’ve put back into the grid. Next phase is getting the best Lightforce battery set-up so we can use it all ourselves!

Darilyn Kane, Raglan